In the news: everyone’s talking about PicoSure

The media is buzzing about PicoSure.

Check out these articles and videos to discover why PicoSure is the most advanced treatment available for the removal of tattoos and unwanted brown spots. 



“Get Rid Of Sunspots With This Laser”

Do you have any sun spots you’d like to wish away? New Beauty says with PicoSure, you can do more than just wish.


“Tattoo Regret? No Problem With New Technology”

Thinking about tattoo removal and want to know more? Health News Digest discusses the tattoo removal process.


“Laser Treatment Gets FDA Approval”

The FDA’s seal of approval means PicoSure has proven safety and efficacy in the treatment of unwanted tattoos.


“Gone, But Not Forgotten”

Check out the buzz in this online beauty magazine about why specialists are calling PicoSure “a quantum leap forward in tattoo ink removal.”


“Unfortunate Ink? A New Laser Will Help Erase Your Tattoos”

Allure reports on how PicoSure makes traditionally stubborn green ink vanish faster than ever before.


“Cynosure’s PicoSure Tattoo-Removing Laser To Debut At AAD”

An eager audience of cosmetic surgery professionals awaited PicoSure’s debut at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting.


“FDA: Leave Tattoo Removal To The Pros”

In a recent notice, the FDA stressed that laser surgery should be left to pros like PicoSure and specially trained dermatologists.


“Is PicoSure Really The Way To Erase Tattoo Regret For Good?”

Jeffry Dover, MD, gives us the skinny on PicoSure and how it makes unwanted tattoos disappear twice as fast.


“Celebrity Laser Spa Acquires Breakthrough PicoSure Laser”

Dr. Kaplan of Celebrity Laser Spa in Los Angeles tells why PicoSure is “the biggest technological breakthrough to remove tattoos.”


“Beauty Spot: PicoSure Speeds Up Tattoo Removal Process”

W.Y. Chung, MD, talks to the Star Advertiser about why he thinks PicoSure renders all other tattoo removal treatments obsolete. Read up, and see a laser demo!


“Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Introduces New PicoSure™ For Faster Non-Surgical Tattoo Removal”

PicoSure is now being offered through Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s Laser Institute of Georgia, who are “the largest and most experienced laser center in the Southeast.”


“Fortson Dermatology & Skin Care Center to Host Open House Featuring World’s Most Advanced Technology for Tattoo Removal – PicoSure”

Fortson Dermatology & Skin Care Center, a leading resource in Alaska for cosmetic skin services, was one of the first to offer PicoSure. Find out why.


Good Day Sacramento

In this TV news segment, hear Dr. Tanghetti discuss PicoSure’s effectiveness against stubborn ink colors, and see the laser in action.



Dr. Kaplan performs a tattoo removal procedure with PicoSure. Watch as body ink starts to disappear during the very first treatment!


Dr. Steve

Looking for best way to remove tattoos in all ink colors? Watch this segment on PicoSure from the New York News show Dr. Steve.


KVUE Austin

A news team reports on the story of PicoSure and the true advancement of picosecond laser technology.


KENS5 San Antonio

A local news station follows one patient’s procedure as they investigate the new, quicker way to remove tattoos with PicoSure.



Have you always wanted a tattoo and than later regreted it?






The Doctors

Woman seeks diagnosis for mysterious freckle pattern. Plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Sonia Batra finally give diagnosis.




Defining Mark

As seen on USA Today, PicoSure research survey of 1,000 US adults.


Tacky Tatts

Snapshot of US Today, 57% of Americans thinks tattoos are no longer cool!


“Get Rid Of Sunspots With This Laser”

Do you have any sun spots you’d like to wish away? New Beauty says with PicoSure, you can do more than just wish.